We here at Pionec Electronic Systems are glad to introduce you our Payroll and Attendance Management System software with many novel features. We are assured to make a package which is very user friendly and suitable to your payroll requirements. We certainly believe that this package will help you drastically minimizing your work.

Our endeavor is to provide you with many unique features which are easy to use and customize. Go through the features of Attendance & Payroll Software.

  • Provides Multi-Company (Company/ Sub-Company) and Multi-User interface.
  • Able be connected with various Time and attendance devices at a time from single as well as multi-location.
  • Time data can be imported from various attendance log formats.
  • Customization of rules and regulations as per your company policies.
  • Customization applicable for more than one company in spite of varied rules.
  • A variety of rules and regulations applicable in small factories to multinational companies can be defined in this software.
  • Password protection to prevent access on various level & senior employee data.
  • Custom rights as per user.
  • Tailor made policies for Over Time as well as Late Coming, Early Going and Miss Punches.
  • Various pay slip formats to choose from as per data to be displayed.
  • Mail pay slip directly to their inbox or view through their desk offline
  • Number of forms and letters useful to submit to the I.T. Department.
  • Income Tax deduction and exemption as per the Government rules and slabs.
  • Customized Salary heads and their applicability
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly as well as hourly calculation of salary
  • Salary Calculation with many other deductions applicable to the Employee.
  • Able to maintain employees separately for salary and only for record purpose.
  • Various filter conditions to get required report easily.
  • Various Reports with print preview can be printed and saved as Excel.
  • One time Master data Entry and life time reports on a click of mouse.

Other latest and updated features:

  • We can access to the many reports using a number of filter conditions
  • All the reports come with filter conditions which may include following filtration criteria’s: Eg.: Company/ Sub-Company, Department, location, Group, Category, Section, Status and many more.
  • This software generates many Attendance reports using various formats of output data produced by multinational time Machines.
  • Separate Holiday list as per location and company.
  • Multiple shifts for individual employees
  • Various weekly off may be assigned
  • Yearly bonus & Attendance bonus can be assigned on custom level.
  • Other deductions and salary structures also can be edited employee wise.

Many forms and letters useful to submit to the I.T. Department can be printed given bellow.

List of statutory forms essential for submission:

  • Provident Fund
  • PT Statement
  • Combined Challan of AICI 1,2,10,21,22
  • ESIC Challan
  • Profession Tax Challan
  • MLWF Challan
  • PF Statement
  • PF text files for upload on online portal

  • Provident Fund:

    • Form- 2Nomination & Deduction form
    • Form 3A(Contribution Card)
    • Form 5 Employees joined during the month
    • Form 6
    • Form 10 Employees left During the month
    • Form9
    • Form 13Transfer EPF account
    • Form 19
    • PF Reconciliation

    Employees State Insurance
    ESIC Reports

    • Form 1 Declaration form     
    • Form 6      
    • Form 6 Covering     
    • Form 7

    Income Tax

    • Tax calculation statement     
    • Tax statement     
    • From16     

    Income Tax deduction and exemption as per the Government rules are also available in the software.
    Latest Slab for Income Tax. Standard Deduction Slab Latest Tax Column Sufficient field for Tax Exemption and much more.
    Salary Calculation with other many deduction applicable to the Employee.

    Various reports can be generated by this software to collect information about employees, attendance, salary and much more.
    Appointment Letter, Latest Salary Certificate, Arrears Report, Full and Final Settlement, Relieving Letter, Service certificate, Latest Salary certificate, Over Time adjustment Salary data can be connected with Tally Various report can be saved in Excel on custom level Hourly wages and its report in salary slip and out of salary slip Employee Statistic Report Various kind of Arrears Gratuity Report and Full & Final Settlement Leave Master updation and much more.

    Attendance and Error reports can be obtained in printable formats.
    Punch Records –Viewing (To view multiple punches Timing), Daily Attendance Report, Daily Attendance –Strength summary, Monthly Perquisites-Detail, Monthly Perquisites – Summary, Absenteeism Report, Absenteeism and Time Loss Report, Leave Report, Error Report, Monthly Attendance Summary, Leave Register (Detailed/ Summary), Muster Roll, Monthly Absenting Statement

    Time Reports:

    • In Out Report.
    • Late Coming Report.
    • Late Coming during Grace Period.
    • Late Coming Weekly.
    • Early Going Report.
    • Late/early memo.
    • Time Lose Report.
    • Extra worked Report
    • Error Report.
    • Manually Edited Time Report.
    • Absent by Less Hours.

    Quality Control Report

    • Salary and it’s related report.
    • Attendance report on various level.
    • All related report about employees.
    • Many letters and other reports.

    You can obtain several reports related to the salary as per your need in many formats.
    Cost to company (CTC), Increment Report, Pay slips (Multiple formats), Pay Register (Multiple formats), Pay Register-Group wise Summary, Pay Certificate, Bank Payment statement & Bank Transfer file, Earning/Deduction Statement, Annual Salary Certificate, Annual Salary Earned, Pay register-Periodical, Employee wise Annual Earning /Deduction statement, Pay register –Employee summary, Annual pay Register summary, Bonus statement, From C (Bonus), From C (Ex- Gratia).

    You can obtain many reports related to the salary as per your need in many formats.

    Employee statistical & MIS reports

    Employee list, Employee list-Number, Employee list-Earning list, Employee list-Age wise, Employee list-Birthday wise, Employee list-Address, Completion of more than number of months, Completion number of month, Not completion number of Month, Not completion of number of month, Service Report, Employee Group wise summary, Employee Group wise list, Employee Strength, Newly Recruited for the Period Left Employee for the period

    Many letters and other important reports can be generated as well as printed in this software.

    We are updating this software constantly according to your requirement, consequently a number of new features are added and many more yet to be come.

    Please feel free to contact us on the given address or call us for more details and free demonstration.