General Queries:

1) How to find your ip (ipconfig)?
Ans: Click Windows button > Accessories>Command Prompt Type "ipconfig" & press enter.

2) How to Ping?
Ans: Click Windows button > Accessories>Command Prompt Type "ping ---.---.---.--- -t" & press enter Note: Where "-" refers to your device ip address (e.g.

3) Remote Access/Control Software?
Ans: Program or Software feature that allows the user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer's desktop and interact with it as if it were local.
Teamviewer, Anydesk
Registering a finger
Go Through Device Manuals


1) How to change employee ID in Payroll Software?
Ans: Go to Options > Change EmpID Input previous employee id (Which you wish to discontinue) in Existing Empid & Input new employee id allotted to the employee in 'New Empid' field.
It is advisable to take most care while changing employee id since all the data related to employee is related to employee id field, if possible kindly avoid any such situation which may arise to change in employee id. Ensure that the no. is not same as allotted to any other employee also ensure that the no. is unique and identifiable.

Essential for Installations:

ID Card

  • Company Logo
  • With or without Card holder
  • With or without Lanyard

Access Control

  • Electric Point
  • LAN Connection

Attendance Machine

  • Electric Point
  • LAN Connection or Pendrive

Attendance & Payroll Software

  • Attendance logs
  • Employee details
  • Shift Details

Surveillance System

  • Electric Point
  • LAN (Optional for DVR only)
  • Static IP address (As per requirement)


  • Electric Point
  • VGA /HDMI Cable

CCTV Camera

  • Cable (As per requirement)