Attendance/Access control machines is essential for ‘4A’ namely Accuracy, Access, Automation, Against the clock. It assists your tedious job of maintaining manual records of people entering your premises even from your remotest locations.


We here at Pionec Electronic Systems are glad to introduce you our Payroll and Attendance Management System software with many novel features. We are assured to make a package which is very user friendly and suitable to your payroll requirements.


You are well aware that surveillance has become need for the day. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the most suitable and reliable technology till date which helps security without human intervention. CCTV is our third eye in today’s world.

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Pionec Electronic Systems is the most trusted, reliable & stable brand in its field is famous for its excellent after sales service. At Pionec we are committed to total customer satisfaction by meeting their requirement with consistent quality products and services, on time and very competitive prices.

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